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I love music. It fills my life. I work with and for music so it’s but fitting that I should be talking about music. My name is Crissie and I play the guitar, piano and violin. I also dub my hands on mixing beats for rap artists and always had that fascination on DJs’ doing scratches and mixing beats in rap songs.


All about music


I love to listen to music and one of my youth’s favorite is Alanis Morisette. Yes, I am a child of the 90’s when pop rock and singer-songwriters dominate the music arena. This is also the reason why I will write about Dido and Sarah McLachian and of the music of Avril Lavigne, Pink, Hillary Duff, and Kelly Clarkson. As I am devoted to music, you, my readers will find surprising reads on music trends, its peak and the journeys of so-called “Teen Pop rock” singers as well as the movement.


The music traditions


Music traditions are created through the years and singers and music icons are born out of such traditions as well as creating new ones. Remember Michael Jackson? It was him that had enjoyed the highest popularity level in the 90’s as his Dangerous Album released in 1991 sold more than 30 million copies worldwide and that brought about pop-rock and dance music tradition. Expect to read notes on this kind of music, artists, and why and how the tradition is connecting music lovers and fans because I do love Pop-rock and dance music.


Music and everything about it


From benefits of playing musical instruments, how music helps calm the nerves to where to find great music source; these are the things you’ll find on my pages. There’ll be posts on everything that concern your music listening pleasure. I also love music reviews so expect to read unbiased music events from real musicians and music icons and reviewers. I’ll reach out to have them grace this blog so that you, readers will not get press-release-like-reviews but only the real ones.


Upcoming music events


You’ll see and read them here first. You get to learn more on truly amazing musical talents and events they’re part of. Whether it is a plain music experience, competition or showcase of musical prowess, you’ll read and find information on the latest and upcoming on this page.


Music like love makes the world go round. It is what keeps the world connected and on natural high. So watch out this page and get naturally high through music.

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