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Children Learning Music

As early as one year old, my mother had introduced me to play the musical instruments. From toy guitar, ukelele, piano and flute, I spent most of my playtime with my toy musical instruments. When I reached my toddler years, I am already learning how to play piano and violin, and guitar in high school years. I don’t know the reasons why Mom makes sure I learn to love music but one thing is sure, she’s helping me develop my career path. Today, I am on my journey of becoming a full time music teacher to young people. With that, I am also learning how music is important in shaping young people’s mind and in teaching them how to become a useful and responsible adult and on how empowerment can be achieved through music.


Thinking skills


Children in music class are helped learn new thinking skills. In my class of 3 to 6 year old kids, my students learn to play musical instruments, and this helps them explore cause and effect. It is through pressing a key to make a sound. They learn how to pay attention to changes in sound and take note of the difference between certain notes such as which sounds deeper than the others. Kids exploring musical instruments in a music class also help kids how a particular instrument works and the sound it makes. In developing thinking skills, music is indeed a powerful tool.


Learning language


Children singing songs are a powerful way to have them learn language. Singing helps kids pronounce the words correctly as well as putting together sentences.  Song lyrics are great form of information, and kids leaning the lyrics of songs help them understand varied information such as culture, history, and customs and of course about people and places they’ve never been. Kids normally learn their first alphabet through singing the ABC song because when set in music, kids remember the alphabet better.


Developing motor skills


Music is a powerful tool in helping kids develops their motor coordination. Songs with motions help kids practice fine motor coordination involving hands, fingers, feet, and other body parts. Music and dance on the other hand set kids in playful mood and drive them share the moment with other kids. Music and dance are normal practices in kids’ health care and learning centers in helping kids develop motor skills while having fun.


Teaching kids acquire discipline


Although music is taught in kid’s music class in more playful modes, instilling discipline is still upheld. Kids learning to play the piano or any musical instrument expose them to skill of discipline. By not giving up and sticking with the lessons, kids are taught to set aside a specific time for practice and to follow instructions. They’re also learning how to take care of their instruments and use their time in responsible ways. They learn more about commitment and discipline that help in their future education and career.


Kids learning music are not only exposed to fun ways to learning but more importantly it is a powerful tool in discovering one’s self, interest and future.

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