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Music and The Benefits it Brings

Music is the universal language of the soul. It is something that people of all races understands and connects with. Imagine the world without music, and everything becomes dull and boring. All around the world, there is always someone who calls themselves as music lovers. People listen and love music for different reasons and purposes. Listening to music is like being in good company. But, have you ever wondered how music can do so much in one’s life? Here’s what music can do for you and me.


It makes one happier


One thing about millennial, being so keen on having smartphone is for their music listening pleasure. With music; one feels happy and with lifted mood. When life seems boring, music changes and lifts up the mood.  It has something to do with the latest research that shows music can help in improving mental well-being and in boosting ones physical health. It is found out that when one listens to music, the brain releases a certain hormone called dopamine. It is a feel good neurotransmitter and when released in large amount by the brain, it causes people to feel emotions like happiness, joy, and excitement. Have you noticed people in events with music playing? Events organizers use music to make attendees feel good and happy, and such trick encourage more engagement from attendees. Music is all it takes to get one into a natural high.


It helps boost running performance


Have you noticed runners with earphones tucked on their ears? They’re listening to music while running. Runners use music to help motivate them to perform better. Runners who listen to fast or slow music tend to complete their races compared to runners who runs without music. Listening to music that inspire runners help in taking their running up a notch.

It lowers stress and promotes healing


Another finding is that listening to music decreases the levels of cortisone, which is tagged as stress hormone. When one is less stressed, there’s stable health and improved immune system. Children who learn playing musical instruments are said to have improved immune system. Billy Joel, a music icon once said that music is an explosive expression of humanity and no matter what culture we’re from, it’s something that we are all touched by. Music is in itself is healing. I have seen music performers playing for sick people in hospitals and health care centers for purpose of helping sick people feel good and happy. It’s simply providing healing through music.


It helps in weight loss


Don’t be surprised to hear people who are into losing weight say they’re listening to sic in regular schedule. Listening to soft music while eating leads to consuming fewer calories. But there’s more to it as meals become more enjoyable. It is also found out by a research at Georgia Tech University that listening to soft music tends to curb appetite so one eats less and therefore loss some weight.


Whether you simply listen or play instrument or create music, it’s all the same. It helps one becomes happier and healthy. With all these simple benefits, aren’t we glad, God gave us music to enjoy and get the most from this life?

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